Rozetta Marie... Pop/R&B Diva

"Neglect not the gift that is in thee..."


Born and raised in a mixed cultured household (Panamanian and American) in Brooklyn NY, a spotlight stealer was born. She's electrifying, a go-getter, and even a military vet...

Rozetta Marie is a singer, songwriter, and all around talent (including published model, accredited actress, and former modern dancer for NDI). Following up from her most recent single release, "Caged Animal", Rozetta Marie is now focusing on her up coming EP "All Again Tonight" and album "Gemini Life". Much like her multiple Gemini personalities, her sound speaks to a wide variety of listeners and genres of music, such as Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, and even a little soulful Rock. But, if you had to pick a genre, find her under R&B/Pop. Her voice can go from a sultry Anita Baker, to a raspy sexy Jasmine Sullivan, to a hardcore seductive Rihanna, and when you thought you heard it all, she hits you with a Remy Ma like flow in some fire rap lyrics. Her lyrics are clever and expressive, her look is enticing, and her voice is hypnotic. What more could you want? Highlights of her career include, opening up for Vado, Vicki Winans, and Allure, music spinning on a syndicated radio platform WPIR 98.4 FM, artist review by Music Connection magazine, radio hosting with Dr. Dre (Yo MTV Raps), hosting her own Manhattan local cable show "SexCells" under SNYC TV Production and Geminii Life Entertainment, and she won't stop til she reaches the top! Striving to be the next big thing internationally Rozetta Marie says "Neglect not the gift that is in thee..." words that she lives 

In the words of Music Connection Magazine, “…she’s a born performer…” 

In the words of Rozetta Marie, “I don’t want this… I NEED this.”

Rozetta Marie… #GeminiiLife

Artist Review: February 2015 - Music Connection Magazine


Professional Training & Education

Devry University: Bachelor's Degree, Business Mangement / Accounting 

Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Brooklyn NY (4 years total): Courses taken and completed include, individual voice, group voice, chorus, piano, theater

Long Island University, Brooklyn NY (1 year of relevant training): Ear Taining (Read and Write Music, Group Vocal Coaching)

NDI (National Dance Institute w/ Jacques D? Amboise), Brooklyn NY (4 years): Modern Dance

Voice Range: Alto 1

Genre 1: R&B

Genre 2: Pop

Genre 3: Singer/Songwriter